Brimadona specializes in producing Y/D micro-fiber with Lycra, Jacquard/texture knits, and Microfiber & Lycra stretch woven fabric. To ensure the highest quality of production and customer satisfaction, we have labs which are certified by Adidas and Invista, many of our customers. The temperature and humidity of our labs is constantly monitored and controlled to create the ideal environment for fabric testing and creation. Our company carries a large selection of circular knit and woven bi-stretch fabrics that can be used for the production of casual wear, active wear, swimwear, intimate wear, and maternity wear.



The materials that Brimadona uses for fabric production are of the highest quality with an emphasis on sustainability. Our materials include: Micro-fibers-Nylon, Polyester Functional yarns-FIR, channel & hollow yarn, Lycra, Tactel, Tactel Cross Section, Tactel Illuminae, Hyperbright, High Tenacity, Meryl, Supplex, Supplex Cross Section, Mercerized Supplex, Coolmax Family (FX…), and Cordura.